Natural cosmetics Nuremberg: Beauty without animal testing

Welcome to Naturkosmetik Nürnberg – the independent online guide to natural cosmetics, organic cosmetics, vegan cosmetics and beauty. In organic products, emulsifiers and preservatives are limited to natural substances. Sugar is used as a raw material in natural cosmetics for washing-active substances. Natural aromas, herbal extracts, essential oils, flower waters and ethanol obtained by fermentation are used for deodorants and perfumes. Natural cosmetics usually use labels that have not been subjected to animal testing, ionising radiation or genetic engineering. Even though milder plant surfactants have less washing power than chemical products, natural cosmetics do not use detergent surfactants. As a rule, natural detergents are more skin-friendly. Only raw materials from wild collection or controlled organic cultivation are preferred for natural cosmetics.

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In the Anglo-Saxon world, natural cosmetics and beauty products are called organic cosmetics and beauty products. For years, natural cosmetic products have become increasingly popular among consumers. The demand for alternative and sustainable cosmetic products has established a market and catapulted natural cosmetics from a niche to a mass product. In contrast to conventional cosmetic products, natural-based cosmetics are characterised by the following feature: they are made from natural raw materials and are gentler on people and their environment than chemical cosmetic products. The ingredients of natural cosmetics are of plant, but sometimes also animal or mineral origin. Ingredients such as silicones, parabens, synthetic fragrances, paraffins, polyethylene glycol (PEG) and similar petroleum products are not used in the production process. Naturkosmetik Nürnberg stands for sustainable natural cosmetics.

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Natural cosmetics Nuremberg: Why natural cosmetics?

Natural cosmetics are best suited for people with sensitive skin. Because they do not contain plastic articles made of polyethylene, organic cosmetics are much more environmentally friendly than chemical cosmetics. By slipping through the filters of sewage treatment plants, these particles endanger the entire eco-balance. Natural Cosmetics Nuremberg recommends avoiding synthetic sun protection factors in suntan lotion, as these get into the water when swimming and cause corals to bleach. Organic cosmetics vitalise the cornification process and protect the skin from drying out. Jojoba oils and aloe vera help with facial care and have an antibacterial effect against acne and pimples. Herbal extracts of rosemary, sage and lemongrass cleanse the scalp and ensure that dandruff is prevented. Witch hazel and rose water are ideal as a facial toner. At Naturkosmetik Nürnberg, we only recommend products that meet the high quality standards of natural cosmetics.

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Despite the fact that the term natural cosmetics has so far neither been precisely defined nor legally protected, the niche has experienced a veritable rise to become a mass product. The advantages of green cosmetics are recognised by many consumers and the social responsibility is perceived. Naturkosmetik Nürnberg has recognised the signs of the times. We are setting a good example with this independent online guide to organic beauty and natural cosmetics. In most cases, natural cosmetic products are given a share of organic ingredients of 70 to 95 percent. However, some manufacturers do not take the production of natural cosmetics so seriously and mix in ester oils. These are stretched natural oils that permanently dry out the skin. The following quality seals provide information about the standards in natural cosmetics and publish current minimum standards every year.

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